Andrei Zarubaika Photography 2012

20 12 2012

More than 30 photo shoots for the year 2012! To view them, go to WWW.AZARUBAIKA.COM -> PORTFOLIO -> 2012

The most important moment for me in my photography was the visiting Yuri Arcurs boot camp photography in South Africa in January 2012 – the world’s top selling stock photographer for the last four years… I was one of the lucky ones, who was honored with a visit to bootcamp. After that I worked as freelance photographer for Yuri Arcrus Productions for 3 month. From 1 april I leave freelance programm and I went back to create my own stock portfolio. After 2-3 months my income began to grow every month at 150-190%. November gave me more than 2000 downloads per month! Dreams come true.
What next? First hold positions, second – increase the number and quality.

Andrei Zarubaika Photography 2012